Welcome to the Intelligencia Club.

We are a community of curious, collaborative and courageous leaders, founders, entrepreneurs and non-conformists from all industry sectors – professionals who want to do things differently, to learn and inspire change and growth.

The Intelligencia Club fuels and fuses talented business leaders’ enquiring minds through intimate conversation, support and challenge.


As courageous and curious leaders we are determined to keep expanding our minds and deepening our connection with others.
As part of this journey, we are delighted to announce the launch of our exploration days. Our exploration days are a way to connect with other curious and courageous leaders, to delve into interesting and challenging topics, to think new thoughts and create new knowledge, in order to make all of our world’s a little better. 


Our monthly dinners bring together a diverse collective of inspiring business role models who come to be inspired by each other towards greatness.
Hosted by a professional coach, our monthly dinners provide a relaxed, fun and intimate networking space for leaders to explore topics such as distraction, originality, self-control and authenticity in leadership, share challenges and find solutions.


Our ‘Inspiring Leaders’ half-day workshops empower and enable aspiring and growing leaders to design their own leadership success plans.

Our INSPIRE™ method allows leaders to identify their own unique brand of leadership and to determine what skills they need to develop, inspire others and achieve greatness.


The Intelligencia Club is a meeting of curious, collaborative and compassionate minds, curated and supported by professional coaches.

Our coaching programmes and resources are tailored to our members’ individual growth plans and career journeys.

What our Guests Have Said about The Intelligencia Club

“I frequent Ted X events because I love the sorts of people I find there – they’re curious and passionate and interesting and inspiring and exactly the sort of people I found at the [Intelligencia Club] dinner. And exactly the sort of people who are one in a thousand in the ‘real world’.”
“Thank you so much for inviting me to a truly excellent evening. Really interesting people, brilliantly facilitated. I thought there was an really nice balance between free and structured chat, small group conversation and round table stuff. And the food was lovely too.”

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