Club Etiquette

One of the success factors of The Intelligencia Club is that we invite our guests to adhere to some behaviours while they are together.

Rather than ‘rules’ we call this our Club Etiquette

  1. Please feel welcome, at ease, and enjoy the calm of the Club, away from the madding crowd of your working day.

  2. Please leave your devices in your bag or coat pocket and give the evening, your fellow diners and yourself your full attention.

  3. Bring your spirit of enquiry and get to know your fellow diners. Ask incisive questions to find out what makes them tick as leaders, what motivates them, and what does success look like for them?

  4. Please be equitable with the conversation. Listen as much as you speak, and wait your turn to talk. You will be heard. And please leave your preconceptions, assumptions and judgment at the front door.

  5. Everything we discuss stays here, in our confidential Club and in our collective psyche. By all means feel inspired to tell your friends and colleagues about the evening, but out of respect for one other, please check with each other beforehand that it’s OK to reference names and companies outside of the Club.

  6. Speak your mind. You are free to do so. Just do it with respect for others. And be honest – it encourages trust and courage among us.

  7. Please carry on the conversation after the evening. Take this meeting of minds ‘offline’ and extrapolate your combined thinking. Our legacy is your collective support and collaboration.

  8. And finally, come and dine with us again. We’d love to help further fuel your inspiration, ambition and success in business.


This ‘recipe for success’ makes for a unique and valuable Club experience. It enables our guests to feel safe, relaxed and heard – and to focus on themselves and on each other while they are in the Club.

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