How do you ‘do’ business today?

Today’s bustling business world is more fragmented than ever. Professionals are opting out of working in large corporations for flexible self-employment, ‘in demand’ employees upgrade their jobs every couple of years, ambitious tech pioneers are busy panning for gold, and serial entrepreneurs are building profitable portfolios of businesses in no time at all.

It is getting harder and harder to come together, to connect and collaborate. We are dispersed and distanced from one another.

Even in the popular city co-working spaces, professionals aren’t truly connecting and collaborating, as the close proximity model might suggest.

Human connection is on the wane in today’s ‘connected’ business world.

Who Are Our Hosts?

Our dinner hosts are trained executive coaches who understand your business challenges and who create an intimate and confidential thinking space for our guests to share.

Together you will solve your leadership challenges, take inspiration and gather insight from a collective of leaders.

You will come away feeling nourished, supported and ready to face the future of business, together.

The Intelligencia Club was created because today’s business leaders don’t have the time or the appetite for sub-optimal networking. And yet they want to meet other professionals with whom they can build deep trust, innovate, create win-win partnerships – and ‘do’ business successfully.

Our monthly dinners are a calm and unique space where you can come together as a tribe of like-minded leaders, feel inspired by – and learn from – one another.

The events provide an opportunity for you to nurture new ways of thinking and leave with a collective desire to want to do better – and to be better – in business.

Our Dinners

Each dinner event costs £80 + VAT. This covers your three-course meal, drinks and the expertise and hard work that go into curating and creating this special evening of dining and development.

Would you like to join us for dinner?

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We hope you’ll join our collective of intelligent and hungry business minds.

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