Exploration Days


Our next Exploration Day will focus on the topic of Purpose – what is our purpose, why is it important, what challenges do we face in achieving it and is it possible to align our individual purpose with an organisational one?

All big questions which will require the collective knowledge of curious and courageous leaders to answer.

There will be 10 places available on the day. The format be will a short introduction and scene setting followed by a number of highly interactive sessions. Each session will enable each individual to present their own perspectives and challenges. The group will then use their collective knowledge and creativity, to help address the challenges and provide new perspectives.

If you are interested in joining us for our Exploration on Purpose, please register your interest here and we’ll share a proposed date and venue with you soon.

Objectives of the day:

To explore and understand the role of purpose at both an individual and organisational level.

To create new knowledge to enable both the individual and the organisation to embrace and bring purpose to life.

To understand the challenges and opportunities involved, in operationalising ‘purpose’ and to create an actionable plan to address them.

There is one critical ingredient that organisations must embrace to survive and flourish in our brave new world – and that is purpose. Organisations must find a purpose to make the world a better place, as well as delivering profit to enable them to do that.

Even in the face of a growing body of evidence to support this fact, we still continue to focus most of our time on the protection and growth of profit alone. But this is an empty ambition without purpose. The purpose drives the need for and therefore the ability, motivation and passion to create profit – which is only as good as the value it creates; hence you end up back with purpose.

Outcomes from the day:

Understanding the need for and value derived from, having a purpose and how that manifests itself in reality.

An in-depth understanding of how to create purpose for yourself and the organisation and the value this can create.

An operational plan to take your purpose forward and address key challenges.

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